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Canada Hands off Venezuela guest blog by Alison Bodine

 Canada Hands Off Venezuela!

By Alison Bodine

Today, Venezuela is facing increasing threats, sanctions and foreign intervention. The United States has been the leader of these attacks against Venezuela’s sovereignty, especially through illegal sanctions, threats of military intervention, and the funding of violent right-wing counter-revolutionary groups and political parties. Venezuela was even included in the latest version of U.S. President Trump’s shameful and inhuman travel ban.

The U.S.-led campaign for “regime change” in Venezuela works hand-in-hand with Venezuela’s violent right-wing opposition. These counter-revolutionaries have attempted to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro through an economic war of hoarding, price gouging and other sabotage. They have also waged a violent campaign on the streets of Venezuela that resulted in the deaths of over 100 people in the four months between April and July, some of whom were burnt alive just for being suspected “Chavista” supporters of the Venezuelan government.

Is Canada Really Concerned about “Human Rights” and “Democracy” in Venezuela?

Since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998, under both Liberal and Conservative governments, all major political parties in Canada have been consistent in their attacks against Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolutionary process.

On September 22, 2017, Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that Canada is imposing sanctions against the government of Venezuela under the Special Economic Measures Act. According to Global Affairs Canada the sanctions are “against 40 Venezuelan officials and individuals who have played a key role in undermining the security, stability and integrity of democratic institutions of Venezuela.”

These sanctions are the latest escalation in a series of attacks carried out by the government of Canada in the name of supporting “human rights” and “democracy” in Venezuela; an overplayed and unsubstantiated excuse that has been used by the government of Canada before to justify their violations of Venezuela’s sovereignty.

On top of the sanctions, Canada has been a leading voice demanding that the Organization of American States (OAS) to intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela by implementing the Inter-American Democratic Charter. As well, Canadian Professor Irwin Cotler is a member of a sham panel that is being set-up by the OAS, outside of Venezuela and without the support of the Venezuelan people, to investigate possible “crimes against humanity” by the government of Venezuela. Cotler, a former Liberal politician and lawyer, is a good representation of who is participating in this panel. He is hardly unbiased in his views on Venezuela, as an international representative for Leopaldo Lopez, a leader in Venezuela’s violent opposition who is currently under house arrest after being convicted for inciting violence.

The government of Canada was also instrumental in the development of the “Lima Declaration,” which was released in August, 2017 following meeting in Peru of representatives from Canada and right-wing governments in Latin America. The Lima Declaration includes unsubstantiated allegations of the violation of various “human rights” and “democratic” norms in Venezuela, as well as a declaration that the signatories will not recognize the National Consistent Assembly elected in Venezuela on July 31, 2017.

After all of these threats and rhetoric, the question must be asked, since when has the government of Canada been in a position to condemn other countries for their abuses of “human rights” and “democracy”? As it goes, people in glass houses shouldn’t through stones.

This September at the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Trudeau highlighted the human rights abuses committed by the government of Canada against Indigenous people. "There are, today, children living on reserves in Canada who cannot safely drink, or bathe in, or even play in the water that comes out of their taps….And for far too many Indigenous women, life in Canada includes threats of violence so frequent and severe that Amnesty International has called it 'a human rights crisis,’” were just some of what he said that day.

Even just reading this alone, how it possible that Canada can claim to be a leading example for human rights around the world? Not only that, following his speech, Trudeau has been widely criticized for crying crocodile tears. Even if he recognizes the atrocities and abuses of the Canadian government, his government continues to take little action towards improving the human rights of Indigenous people in Canada.

Government of Canada is No Friend to the People of Venezuela

In the face of this hypocrisy, the Trudeau’s government continues to carry forward interventionist policies against Venezuela.

In fact, leaders in Venezuela’s violent right-wing opposition have always found a friendly ear with the Canadian government, and have even had the opportunity to speak in Canadian parliamentary hearings. For example, Maria Corina Machado, an opposition leader, has often found an audience within the Canadian government despite her clearly anti-democratic record. For starters, she participated in the 2002 coup-attempt against Hugo Chavez. She was also the founder of a so-called “election monitoring” organization Súmate, which received at least $22,000 from the government of Canada. Súmate is in no-way supportive of “free and fair elections in Venezuela.” During a 2004 referendum, they were exposed by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter because they “deliberately distributed this erroneous exit poll data in order to build up, not only the expectation of victory, but also to influence the people still standing in line.”

In order to establish and maintain their close relationship with counter-revolutionaries in Venezuela, the Canadian Embassy in Venezuela also awards a “Human Rights Prize” each year to a member of Venezuela’s violent opposition. This is a shameful insult to the mass majority of the people of Venezuela who support the government of Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian revolutionary process.

Build a Strong Movement in Canada in Defense of Venezuela

As long as the government and revolutionary people in Venezuela continue to take a stand for their sovereignty and self-determination, the government of Canada will continue their attacks. The Bolivarian revolutionary process has made massive improvements in the lives of the majority of people in Venezuela, at the expense of private and international interests, including those of Canadian mining and resource extraction companies.

As people living in Canada, we must build a strong and united movement in the defense of the sovereignty and self-determination of the people of Venezuela. We must fight against the illegal sanctions by the government of Canada. We must also demand that the government of Canada to recognize the legitimacy of Venezuela’s democratically elected government and put an end to their meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

U.S./Canada Hands Off Venezuela!
No more U.S./Canada Sanctions and Threats!

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Burned Again: The Vietnam War Whitewash by Anthony Freda


 Image by Anthony Freda
We now know that The Gulf of Tonkin Incident ( the claim that two U.S. destroyers were attacked by North Vietnamese PT boats) was a lie.
This falsehood provided the moral pretext to launch a massive escalation of the Vietnam War.
Johnson’s deceitful speech of Aug. 4, 1964, won accolades from editorial writers. The president proclaimed the New York Times, “went to the American people last night with the somber facts.” The Los Angeles Times urged Americans to “face the fact that the Communists, by their attack on American vessels in international waters, have themselves escalated the hostilities.”

Without the benefit of real, independent journalism, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution — a pseudo-declaration of war against North Vietnam — was approved by Congress on Aug. 7. (Two brave senators, Wayne Morse of Oregon and Ernest Gruening of Alaska, provided the only “no” votes.) The resolution authorized the president “to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression.”
Exactly as they did in the run-up to the Iraq War, the mainstream media exclusively relied on U.S. government officials as sources of information and refused to question official narratives on national security issues. How could we possibly not have learned the simple but profound message that we should be extremely wary of any evidence provided to us by the unholy alliance of the corporate press and U.S. intelligence agencies? They have the blood of millions on their hands and Burns does a great disservice to history and humanity by failing to lay blame where it belongs.

Daniel Hallin’s book The “Uncensored War” observes that journalists had “a great deal of information available which contradicted the official account [of Tonkin Gulf events]; it simply wasn’t used. The same can be said about the WMD lies which were promoted by government officials and the MSM in 2003. In 1965, Lyndon Johnson commented: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.” In 2016, Colin Powell said of his WMD presentation to the United Nations, "Of course I regret that a lot of it turned out to be wrong,"

Christopher Koch, the first American reporter to visit North Vietnam reviewed the Burn's documentary:
"It’s the lack of accountability, the failure to prosecute those who lied to get us into the war, who encouraged battlefield tactics that resulted in the massacre of women and children, who authorized the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets, who drenched Vietnam in chemical poisons that will cause birth defects and death for generation.
Burns and Novick also portray the peace movement in the worst possible terms. In at least three places, they have moving sound bites about how returning soldiers were spat on or in other ways disrespected. It’s a false memory, at least in any general sense. They couldn’t find any visual support, no signs about baby killers because it didn’t happen."
"The moral center of the Vietnam War was held by those who opposed it. 
Burns suggests Vietnam’s a tragedy. It’s not. In tragedy, a powerful human makes a terrible mistake and suffers the consequences. No one suffered any consequences for Vietnam. Burns assures us that even if people did wrong, they didn’t mean to."

By not holding the media and government officials who lied us into this horrific war accountable, and by regurgitating discredited talking points which were designed to malign the anti-war movement at the time, Burns has reinforced the false mythology of the Vietnam War and failed to use his platform to teach the American people the essential and true lessons we should have learned from that nightmare.



"If You Live in the US, You Live in a Freak Show" (Soapbox Vlog-cast 10/15/17)

 October 15, 2017

"If You Live in the US, You Live in a Freak Show"

Cindy Sheehan's vlog (video blog) about the war crimes and other crimes of the USA.

"No pyrotechnics, no screaming, no flashy graphics, just one truth bomb after another.... On the 16th anniversary of the US invasion and ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, Cindy Sheehan gives her thoughts on US Imperialism and how we must be in solidarity with all oppressed people of the world. Also, information on opposing the further US intervention in Venezuela."



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Oakland Antiwar Forum Sends Message of Support to Venezuela Consulate in San Francisco (English and Spanish)

 English Version
(Spanish Below)

October 11, 2017

Antonio Cordero
Venezuelan Consul General in San Francisco

Dear Consul General Cordero,

On October 7, labor and antiwar activists from across the San Francisco Bay Area came together at a “U.S. Out Now!” public forum that was sponsored by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and held at the Niebyl Proctor Library in Oakland.

Forum speakers addressed all the major arenas in which the U.S. government is intervening throughout the world, sowing chaos, death, and destruction -- but special attention was paid to the urgent situation facing the Venezuelan people as a direct result of the U.S. intervention.

At the conclusion of the meeting, participants voted a “U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!” statement that we are forwarding to you and to the people of Venezuela. The statement reads as follows:

We, the participants in the October 7 “U.S. Out Now!” public forum in Oakland, California, were informed by the speakers of some very disturbing developments involving the stepped-up U.S. intervention in Venezuela:

* On July 14, the U.S. Congress, with a large bipartisan majority, approved an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget titled, "On the Situation in Venezuela." This amendment has a military component. It begins by talking about the "instability" in Venezuela ("which risks spreading throughout the entire region") and directs the Secretary of Defense to hold a briefing ("which could be classified or not") no later than September 30, 2017 to lay the groundwork for a possible “humanitarian” multilateral intervention to address the "deteriorating situation in Venezuela."

* Eight hundred U.S. Marines are slated to participate in November in joint military exercises in the Amazon jungle of Brazil, at the invitation of the illegitimate Brazilian coup government headed by Michel Temer, together with troops from Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Across Brazil, these exercises are seen to be targeting Venezuela and its Bolivarian government.

According to credible sources, on October 13, the Venezuelan rightwing opposition will be declaring a “Government in Exile” and will be receiving the immediate support of the U.S. government and the OAS. The opposition will also establish a Supreme Court in Exile.

We, UNAC forum speakers and participants, express our deep concern that this fraudulent and U.S.-funded "Government in Exile" will at some point call on the "international community" -- led by the United States -- to approve a "humanitarian” military intervention in Venezuela, much like they did in Haiti under the cover of the U.N. MINUSTAH troops.

We, UNAC forum participants, reaffirm out commitment to building the broadest antiwar united front coalition, with actions in the streets across the United States, to demand U.S./OAS Hands Off Venezuela!

United, we can prevail to stay the hands of the U.S. warmakers. U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!

In solidarity,

Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Mother, antiwar activist
Jeff Mackler, Administrative Committee, United Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
Tova Fry, Forum, co-organizer, International Action Center
* Alan Benjamin, Editorial Board, The Organizer Newspaper
* Judy Greenspan: Worker's World Party (Bay Area) 

Spanish Version

Estimado Cónsul General Cordero,

El 7 de octubre, activistas sindicales y anti-guerra de todo el área de la Bahía de San Francisco, California, nos reunimos en un foro público "U.S. Out Now / Estados Unidos Fuera Ya!" patrocinado por la Coalición Nacional Unitaria de la Lucha Contra la Guerra (UNAC). El foro se llevó a cabo en la biblioteca de Proctor-Niebyl en Oakland.

Los oradores del foro abordaron todas las regiones principales a escala mundial en las que el gobierno de Estados Unidos está interveniendo, sembrando el caos, la muerte y la destrucción. Pero en el foro se prestó especial atención a la situación urgente a la que se enfrenta el pueblo venezolano como resultado directo de la intervención estadounidense.

Al final de la reunión, los oradores y participantes votamos una declaración titulada "Estados Unidos Fuera de Venezuela Ya!" --declaración que le estamos enviando a continuación a usted y al pueblo de Venezuela. La declaración dice lo siguiente:

“Nosotros, los participantes en el foro público "U.S. Out Now / Estados Unidos Fuera Ya!" --patrocinado por la Coalición Nacional Unitaria de la Lucha Contra la Guerra (UNAC)--  fuimos informados por los oradores de algunos acontecimientos muy inquietantes relacionados a la intensificación de la intervención estadounidense en Venezuela:

* El 14 de julio, el Congreso de los Estados Unidos, con una gran mayoría bipartidista, aprobó una enmienda al Presupuesto del Año Fiscal 2018 titulada "Sobre la Situación en Venezuela". Esta enmienda tiene una componente militar: Comienza señalando la "inestabilidad" en Venezuela ("que corre el riesgo de extenderse por toda la región") y ordena al Secretario de Defensa de los Estados Unidos que organice una sesión de trabajo ("que podría ser a puerta cerrada o no") a más tardar el 30 de septiembre de 2017 para sentar las bases para una posible intervención multilateral "humanitaria" para hacer frente al "deterioro de la situación en Venezuela".

* Ochocientos Marines de los Estados Unidos están programados para participar en noviembre en ejercicios militares conjuntos en la selva amazónica de Brasil, a invitación del ilegítimo gobierno golpista brasileño encabezado por Michel Temer, junto con tropas de Brasil, Perú y Colombia. En todo Brasil, estos ejercicios están siendo denunciados como ejercicios que tienen en la mira a Venezuela y a su gobierno bolivariano.

* Según fuentes fidedignas, el 13 de octubre, la oposición venezolana derechista y pro-yanqui declararía un "Gobierno en Exilio" y recibiría el apoyo inmediato del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y de la OEA. La oposición también establecería un Tribunal Supremo en Exilio.

Nosotros, oradores y participantes en el foro de la UNAC, expresamos nuestra profunda preocupación de que este "Gobierno en el Exilio", fraudulento y financiado por Estados Unidos, pudiera hacer un llamado a la "comunidad internacional" - encabezada por los Estados Unidos-- para que apruebe una intervención militar supuestamente “humanitaira” en Venezuela, al igual que hicieron en Haití bajo la cobertura de las tropas MINUSTAH de la ONU.

Nosotros, los participantes en el foro de la UNAC, reafirmamos nuestro compromiso de organizar la más amplia coalición de frente único, con acciones en las calles a través de los Estados Unidos, para exigir que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos ponga un alto inmediato a todo tipo de intervención en Venezuela.

Unidos, podremos prevalecer para imponer un alto a la intervención estadounidense en Venezuela.”

En solidaridad,

* Cindy Sheehan, Madre Estrella de Oro (*0, activista contra la guerra
* Jeff Mackler, Comité Administrativo, Coalición Nacional Unitaria de la Lucha Contra la Guerra (UNAC)
* Tova Fry, Partido Obrero Mundial
* Alan Benjamin, Comité Editorial del periódico The Organizer (El Organizador)

- - - - -

(*) Madre Estrella de Oro significa que su hijo murió en la guerra de Irak


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Speaking Truth to Empire with Dan Yaseen (September Edition)


Click Image to hear show

On Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 FM Free Speech Radio for Central California. Dan Yaseen interviews Ann Garrison. Ann is an independent journalist and a columnist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her articles appear in Counterpunch, San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, the Black Agenda Report and the Black Star News. She produces radio for KPFA-Berkeley and WBAI-New York City. In 2014, the Womens International Network for Democracy and Peace awarded her the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize for her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes region.




Sunday, October 8, 2017


October 8, 2017

Guest: Jeanette Charles
Topic: Upcoming Coup against Democratically Elected
Government in Venezuela.

Jeanette Charles

Questions? Comments? Messages of Solidarity?
Jeanette can be reached at:

For years, the US has tried to undermine and depose the government of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela---first with Hugo Chavez; and now with Nicolas Maduro as president.

Recent Trump dangerous buffoonery has further compromised
the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela.

Please read this article:

OAS to Swear in “Parallel” Venezuelan Supreme Court in Washington 


GO TO Venezuela Analysis for good information about what's happening on the ground in Vz




Venezuela TRUTH Bomb on The Soapbox (Again) (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/09/17)

October 9, 2017

Guest: Dakotah Lilly
Topic: Venezuela 

 Dakotah in Caracas photo-bombing president Maduro.

Exciting Announcement:
Dakotah is a 19 year-old college student who is anti-imperialism and pro-Socialism and a long time supporter of and contributor to the Soapbox.

The Soapbox is pleased to announce that Dakotah will be hosting one Soapbox per month with from a fresh perspective of a young person trying to make a difference outside the acceptable paradigm of Capitalism and treacherous political duopoly.

Dakotah just returned from a trip to Venezuela which he will talk about in this interview. 



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The Global Front to Resist Imperialism Zionism and Saudi Terrorist Regime (SIGN-ON)

A group of Yemeni and Arab political activists and Human Rights NGOs in cooperation with the Intifada Conference of Tehran and the Arab & Islamic Forum in Support of Resistance, have launched the International Campaign to boycott, Indict and Sanction the Saudi Terrorist Regime for its crimes against humanity and violations of International law.

The Global Front to Resist Imperialism, Zionism and Saudi Terrorist Regime

The Zionist Colonial regime in Palestine and the terrorist Saudi regime are results of the division of the Arab homeland in order to serve the imperial global capitalist system and its hegemony over the energy resources and strategic passage routes of the region. 

Whereas the Zionist Colonial regime provides a military, hi-tech and advanced security base for the imperialist powers, the terrorist Saudi regime provides financing, training, and arming of tens of thousands of mercenary forces. Both have finally joined efforts through political, diplomatic, intelligence & military ties. They both fear for their mere existence, especially after several defeats, while creating millions of victims and refugees, and the destruction of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and occupied Palestine.


We support Yemen against the US-Saudi led atrocities upon Yemeni civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, and the intentional destruction of their heritage and infrastructure. Clearly, both the Zionist colonial and the terrorist Saudi regimes and their masters pose a constant threat to regional & international peace, security & prosperity.

These terrorist states must be held accountable for their crimes: 

1- The Saudi regime supported the British Colonial power schemes in assisting the Zionist terrorist gangs with arms, training and eventually waging a war against indigenous Palestinian people which resulted in bloody massacres and forced a million people to exile reaching over seven million today who are still targeted in their refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and their temporary refuge states all over the globe.

2- The Saudi role in the 1956 war against Egypt by British, French and Zionist forces.

3- Its role in the 1967 Zionist colonial regime expansionist  war against Egypt, Syria and Jordan which led to occupying all of Palestine, Sinai and Golan Heights.

4- The Saudi use of political money to extort and blackmail heads of state and liberation movements and leaders (e.g. PLO) to carry out US agendas in the Arab homeland and as far as Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Bosnia/Herzegovina.

5- The Saudi role in 1976 Lebanese civil war (e.g. theTel el-Zaatar massacre against the Palestinians) which lasted for 15 years, the 1978 Litani invasion, the 1982 Zionist war of aggression and invasion of Lebanon led by the terrorist Ariel Sharon.

6- Their implicated role in the Madrid and later the 1993 Oslo accords orchestrated by Bandar Bin Sultan to form a Palestinian autonomy which maintains the occupation and the Zionist project and continuous aggression actions against Palestinians.

7- Zionist / Saudi genocidal wars against the Palestinian people in Gaza in 2008, 2012, 2014 and the continuous blockade of Gaza.

8- Their leading role in the seven-year proxy war against Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

9- Their continuous terrorist threat to other countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria and their occupation of Bahrain.

These crimes, causing misery and loss of life to millions also prove the dysfunction of the UN as an international organization, due to manipulation by the US and its satellite states regardless of the efforts of other UNSC members’ efforts to the contrary.

It is time for human rights organizations, political activists & peace movements to form a global network that unites and organizes their efforts in coordination with other targeted countries' peace organizations in order to stop the terrorist states from pursuing their heinous actions which are a threat to all people other than the usurpers.

The Steering Committee
Beirut, Lebanon

March 2017

The steering committee is looking for peace and social justice activists and organizations to sign on to this statement.

If you wish, please contact Amal Wahdan at:

or WhatsApp: 
970 597 061 775

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Basta! 16 Years of War in Afghanistan (Event 10/7/17)

U.S. Out Now!
AFGHANISTAN - Longest War in U.S. History
U.S. Hands Off!*

Syria • Palestine • Korea, • Venezuela • Haiti • Cuba

Saturday, October 7,  7- 9:30 pm
No to U.S. overt & covert wars, sanction/embargo wars, drone & cyberwars, Special Operations/CIA wars proxy wars and the war against working people at home!

Niebyl Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland (at 65th Street)

Cindy Sheehan, Peace and social justice activist and producer/host of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox

Walter Riley, Haiti Action Committee; Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Jeff Mackler, UNAC Nat’l Admin. Comm.; author, “Syria: Anatomy of Another U.S. Imperialist War;” Socialist Action

Judy Greenspan, Workers World Party and International Action Center: speaking on Korea

Alan Benjamin, Editor/National Organizer, Socialist Organizer: speaking on Venezuela/Latin America

Sponsor: United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
Co-sponsors: Initial list/co-sponsors welcome: Haiti Action Committee • Socialist Organizer • Socialist Action • Workers World Party • Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal • Hands Off Syria Coalition • International Action Center • Karen Wald, Cuba Solidarity Activist

Donation requested: No one turned away for lack of funds For information call 510-268-9429

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The War on Fake News by Anthony Freda

Fake News by Anthony Freda

As it becomes increasingly clear that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s real news, the call to kill the messengers just gets more shrill and hysterical. 

The attacks on free speech with high-tech censorship campaigns and old-fashioned hit pieces in the "War on Fake News" are massive and concerted. 

The book burners are starting so many fires it’s impossible to stamp them all out. 

What are the horrible thought crimes committed by the alternative press? 

The new media has consistently exposed the lies and crimes of our corrupt and broken institutions. 

Pioneers of alt media have passionately and convincingly made the case that The Patriot Act literally reversed the gains to human liberty codified in The Bill of Rights. 

Independent media dismantled the lies that were presented as the pretexts to the invasion of Iraq. The same lies aggressively promoted by Bush, Hillary Clinton, CNN and The New York Times and that resulted in the death of a million people and global chaos. By contrast, how many people have died as a result of alternative media reports? The answer is zero.

The independent press interviewed NSA whistleblowers who accurately described how the U.S. government was illegally spying on its citizens and retaining our data, and how these whistleblowers were being persecuted by their own government for coming forward and refusing to break the law.

This was years before anyone heard of Edward Snowden. 

Amazingly, there was very little interest in these bombshell allegations in the mainstream press. 

It’s hard to believe now, but in those days, people who claimed the government was surveilling innocent citizens were dismissed as paranoid by the self-proclaimed arbiters of truth at the NYT and CNN. 

Grassroots media detailed a decade ago how police forces all over America were becoming militarized and predicted that this dangerous trend would lead to racially charged conflict on the streets of the nation. What kooks! 

We have also railed against; torture, needless wars, police brutality, government corruption, the two-party duopoly, the criminality of the banksters and the end of privacy. 

Now the very same mainstream media hacks who promoted the lies that lead to war in Iraq and Syria and mindlessly regurgitate whichever talking point is uploaded onto their teleprompter are gleefully assassinating what they call "fake news" using edited tape and misleading hit-pieces. 

While these discredited war cheerleaders lie about why our sons and daughters are sent to die, we are bravely exposing the fraudulent casus belli they traitorously and disgracefully promote. 

While these corporate spokespeople work for the interests of the oil and drug companies and political forces that pay their salaries, we risk everything to expose the crimes and scams of these same broken institutions. 

We have done a great public service by exposing the deceptive, psychological methods used by the ruling elite to warp historical narratives, manipulate patriotism and manufacture consent.

By helping people to recognize and suspend their belief in propaganda and therefore their own complicity in it, the alternative media is helping to create a public awareness to the tactics our enemies use to keep us divided, steal our rights and slaughter countless innocents all over the world. 

I know it’s fun and easy to call us tin-foil-hat wearers, or whatever pejorative has been chosen for you today, but let’s be clear about whose dirty work some are doing. Ironically, many are using talking-points written by deep-state operatives to ridicule the idea that the deep-state exists at all!! 

Alternative media is in direct competition with the mainstream media for revenue and the MSM want to control the information we are exposed to.

The MSM are waging a concerted demonization campaign aimed at destroying some of the dominant platforms exposing the lies and crimes of their corporate and deep-state masters and many are helping them do it. 

The MSM is an enemy of the truth and of the people. Friends of mine have been accused of being Russian agents in The NYT because they simply told the truth about Clinton during the campaign. 

The corporate press has gone from lying to the American people to lying about the American people.

Do we have the will and power to destroy our common enemy?      

Anthony Freda
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.